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Live at ShapeShifter Lab Brooklyn! Love & Joy: A Family Valentine


It brings me great joy to invite you to this live concert with my COMPLETE band! Catch my songs from Pockets Full of Joy in its full form: ukulele, clarinet, upright bass and drums, as we bring a little 20s flair this Valentine’s Day weekend. Bring the family and celebrate love & joy (and chocolate), dance around, and enter to win a brand new autographed ukulele!

My set will be immediately followed by Jon Samson, who will dazzle the audience with his magical songs from A New Kids Album. Along with a fantastic full band including flute, trumpet and viola, I’ll be singing backgrounds and my son will be dancing about.


Finishing up that songwriting challenge…Week 1 of 5

Fulfilling my personal promise to complete a song-a-week project I was involved with in 2013, I’m writing a song a week for the next 5 weeks. This is week #1, with the prompt: BROTHER.

I wrote this song about a man who’s at my local train stop here in Brooklyn. He’s most peculiar. It’s another quirky tune, so the piano part and melody are similarly light-hearted.

Man on the Mezzanine

We see his bags we feel his trace
We see the wisdom in his face
He nods his head and waves hello
As we go past and we’re on the go

When we’re whining about our days
He’ll remind us it ain’t all gray

He’s the man on the mezzanine
No need to understand why he does the things we see
He’s a greeter, a receiver
He’s the man on the mezzanine

He reads the news using his head
He’ll use the paper as his bed
He meditates and does tai chi
Knows how to channel energy

And when we’re rushing he’ll slow us down
And remind us that breathing is what life’s all about

Interview on BudaRest with Jax & Bud!

I had a fun time doing this interview with Jax Resto and Bud Buckley. It will be airing again Today (July 10) at 6pm, Friday, July 11th at 9pm, and Saturday, July 12th at noon:

I’ll post the archive link when it’s up. Catch one of these airdates if you can!

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